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    What are the five steps in your training consultancy process?

    At MetaMind, we will first listen to your needs for change, whether it is to transform your leadership culture or simply to close a skills gap that is slowing down your path to success.

    Secondly, we will assess our clients' needs based on a thorough analysis, which may include evaluating your culture, systems, existing L&D programmes, and more. We may conduct interviews and collect data through surveys, or from existing sources.

    Thirdly, we will co-create a full intervention activity plan with you. We will work on a change programme as needed, and design learning and development programmes. Our programmes are tool-agnostic; just because we love training doesn’t mean that we believe it is always the solution!

    Fourthly, we will implement the changes and conduct the learning and development programme, involving additional subject-matter experts as needed.

    Finally, we continuously evaluate the performance of our interventions and course-correct as appropriate.

    Not least because of this integrated process, we were voted the best training consultancy for corporate leadership training in Singapore by APAC Insider 2020.

    What corporate training and development solutions do you offer?

    MetaMind is a training consultancy headquartered in Singapore and active around Asia and the rest of the world.

    We are specialised in the people-side of leadership skills. Our corporate training solutions include:

    • Consulting on development needs and defining your skills gap
    • Developing integrated learning programmes
    • Executive coaching and life coaching
    • Online and offline solutions

    A wide range of learning areas, including:

    • Leadership training for first-time leaders and middle managers
    • Authentic Leadership and Inclusive Leadership training for senior leaders
    • Women in Leadership Accelerator programmes
    • Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging programmes
    • Cultural intelligence – skilfully navigating the challenges of working in an international environment
    • Communication skills, including Communicating with Impact, Influencing and Persuasion, and Challenging Conversations
    • Executive Presence
    • Happiness and Wellbeing
    • Career Skills
    • Meeting facilitation
    • Personal Profiling with Harrison Assessments

    For more details on these offerings, please click on here to learn more.

    What is corporate training?

    Corporate training is also known as Corporate Education or Workplace Learning. It could come in the form of a one-on-one coaching session, talk, seminar, webinar, or workshop. MetaMind Training offers a wide variety of talks, learning programmes, and coaching sessions.

    Why do we need corporate training?

    The results of improving your managers’ (and possibly, your entire workforce’s) soft skills will vary according to the specific skill being taught. For a start, training in presentation skills can help your sales staff to pitch more effectively to customers. This alone can have a massive – and measurable – effect on your business’s bottom line.

    Other potential results you might see include:

    • A more dynamic working culture: training in taking ownership, self-motivation, and effective communication can lead to a more engaged, more productive workforce that simply gets more done
    • Reduced staff turnover: leadership and communication training can of course result in employees who are more engaged (and thus less likely to leave)
    • Fewer customer complaints: better collaboration, communication, and problem-solving can lead to better product quality (and customer service), which in turn can flow on to more repeat sales

    Read more on the value of continuous learning through corporate training in Mette’s blog, “Why successful SMEs need to go beyond technical training

    What skills does a corporate trainer need?

    Most HR blogs list the following as skills that a “corporate trainer” should have: subject matter expertise, excellent communication/presentation skills, organisational skills, adaptability, and enthusiasm. While these are all integral to any job, a great corporate trainer must have passion and authenticity.

    At MetaMind, we prefer trainers who have vast corporate experience, are passionate about people and learning, and who allow themselves and participants to have fun – simply because learning is optimised when we have fun. Another skill that we value in our trainers: being flexible and open to learning. You never know what happens in training, so be well prepared for almost anything!

    The founder of MetaMind Training, Mette Johansson, shares her personal story on how she chose to make the shift from corporate life to leadership training in her blog, “Is corporate life unfulfilling?”

    Which is the best corporate training firm in Singapore?

    At MetaMind Training, we are proud to be awarded the “Best Leadership Development Training Company” by the APAC Insider Singapore Business Awards 2020.

    Best Leadership Development Training Company - MetaMind Training

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